everything stems from the one emotion we can not sum up, “love”

so love freely, love honestly, love unconditionally.

because when you leave this world, it’s the one thing you can’t take with you.
that’s why they say “til death do you part”

it’s the thing that keeps us alive. without it we are nothing.


"Everytime you open your eyes I fall deeper in love with the story they tell."



365 days ago, I imagined
pillows side by side, hands
in hands, elbows bumping
in the night.

365 days ago, I imagined
sofa beds, flowers
on the balcony and hearts
growing tired of all our kisses.

365 days ago, I imagined
you’d be here, only gone
when I’m asleep
(dreaming of you).



I know what you imagine when
I light a cigarette -
your nose cringes and
your eyebrows furrow every time
I inhale, and accept comfort
from cancer, rather than you.

I’m quitting soon,
I feel it too.

I’ve never calculated
exactly how far away you are,
either way my days are
passing by like…


ripping out someone one’s headphones is the 8th deadly sin

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"I can’t keep writing
about two birthdays left unkissed,
a honeymoon left in the hands of Austrian men,
an aiversary slept through;
because timezones and Skype calls
are painful when tears are
glistening pixels - and I can’t keep writing
about how you may or may not look
when you wake up in the morning
because the truth is, you probably
look like me, clutching a phone
waiting for “It’s time!” to wake you up
instead of “I miss you” and
“When will this be over?”"

S.S. Immigrating to Canada. (via bervex)

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